My Experience

PEO Experience: I was councilor-at-large in 2017 serving on the Audit Committee.  In this role I  challenged the PEO to evolve its current form.  One of my accomplishments was putting through a motion which will save $176k/yr. This year I have been appointed as Vice President of PEO.  I feel privileged that my peers have graced me with this honour which allows me greater influence to push for my 2017 platform.  I will continue to serve the members on both Executive Committee and Finance Committee in 2018.

Career: I have over 20 years of engineering/nuclear experience between Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Nuclear Safety Solutions (NSS), and Ontario Power Generation (OPG).  At NSS I performed fuel & fuel channel safety analyses and was a lead analyst and project manager.  At OPG in reactor safety I was involved in assessing and managing risks to a Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (NGS).  I performed a self-assessment for the 2003 Ontario blackout, developed an engineer’s design basis overview course now provided by OPG, and produced a model that predicts the earliest time the station could safely credit an alternative heat sink.  As section manager of Integrated Safety Review (ISR) programs and safety analysis I was responsible for a large portion of the ISR for Darlington NGS Refurbishment.  In Contracts Management I managed the oversight and functioning of a several hundred million dollar contract for Darlington NGS Refurbishment.  I performed project management at OPG on a project estimated to be worth a billion dollars.  In my current role in Quality Engineering I am responsible for increasing the proficiency of an engineering division.  I’ve been recognized for performance with ACE/VIA/Nickel Challenge and a Chief Nuclear Officer award.

Education: I graduated First Division from University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering with a Nuclear and Power Plant Option.  In 2009 I was selected to attend the World Nuclear University – Summer Institute (WNU-SI) at Oxford University.  The WNU-SI is open to about 100 WNU fellows from around the world, selected from among promising nuclear professionals who demonstrate strong leadership potential. The WNU SI offered me an intensive 6‑week program of lectures, tutorials & field trips in France and England to nuclear/industrial facilities.

Affiliations: I’m a member of Women in Nuclear, participated in the emPOWERed Women’s program, have held a leadership role in the local chapter of Society of Energy Professionals (representing mainly engineers and scientists) and have mentored engineers & engineers in training.  A key accomplishment of my leadership role was the successful negotiation of the first NSS-Society collective agreement for my colleagues.  I’m a member of the Canadian Nuclear Society and am a Contract & Commercial Management Advanced Practitioner with the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management.