The PEO Council approved the new Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program with implementation beginning March 31, 2017.

I have many issues with the PEAK program and will work to significantly rework or eliminate it in its current form.

The PEAK program imposes significant new reporting obligations on Professional Engineers. I encourage you to review the PEAK material on the PEO’s web site here. You may be surprised as to what you learn. I really encourage you to take the practice evaluation as well by following these steps:

1) Login to your account via the PEO Member Portal.
2) Click the Practice Evaluation Questionnaire link under the PEAK tab on the far right of the top navigation buttons.
3) Click Continue to begin the questionnaire.

Engineers already have a legal obligation to ensure they are qualified and have the necessary training for the engineering tasks that they undertake. Unlike other self-regulated professions, engineers with less experience work under the tutelage of more experienced engineers. The practice of engineering is simply too broad for any amount of education to reasonably capture. Practicing engineers know that day-to-day hands on experience is a far better indicator of competence than maintaining continuing professional development credits.

I believe the PEAK program is poorly conceived and does not really achieve its purported goals of increasing public safety and confidence in our profession. The PEAK program appears to be designed to support a larger and more bureaucratic PEO instead of strengthening the profession. The root cause of the majority of engineering failures that I am aware of is not lack of technical ability, but rather moral/ethical lapses by the practitioner. This is what should be addressed, including the external pressures that may lead a practitioner into such lapses.

You may be interested in the approach to continuing profession development taken by other professions and other engineering jurisdictions. The following links are a good place to start such research.

The Law Society of Upper Canada

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Ontario