PEO Governance

I work with engineers every day. I’m in an engineering related field. Only engineers with influence over the engineering profession should govern PEO.  Many of the current candidates have been on PEO council for many years (some for decades). Engineering career paths are wonderfully varied and many engineers find themselves either temporarily or permanently working in areas that have no material connection with the practice of engineering.  I propose that if an engineer is not currently practicing on an essentially continuous basis they should not be allowed to run for Council.

I also proposed as part of my 2017 platform to limit the number of years members can participate in Council to ensure there is a regular injection of new ideas into the organization.  Term Limits were passed June 23, 2017 and will be implemented at the start of the 2019 election cycle.  In general the term limits are Vice President (1 year), President-Elect, President  and Past President Cycle (3 years) and a  general member of Council (6 years).  There are some caveats to this within the PEO Agenda, Minutes and Recordings.  Although I cannot take full credit for this one I supported the motion fully.