Value For Money

I am pushing to not have a fee increase while in parallel advocating to increase membership services. As a member of the Finance Committee this year I am planning on doing a thorough review of the finances.  Similar to last year where I put a motion through that saved $176k/yr I am expecting to find further savings.  I propose to conduct a value for money review of the PEO’s operations with the goal of limiting future increases in membership fees. Furthermore, I am going to advocate for a  review and simplification of the licensing process.  The current process is unnecessarily bureaucratic, inflexible and difficult for applicants; simply put we are not onboarding new engineers into the PEO in a welcoming and supportive way.   I do not believe there is a conflict between creating a service based and customer focused organization and the PEOs statutory mandate to protect the public interest.  Helping engineers to join  and become P. Engs is in the public’s interest.